Anal Fistulas Often Don’t Go Away On Their Own.Seek Prompt Treatment Today.

Do You Have An Anal Fistula? Here’s What To Expect.

An anal fistula is a small tunnel formed from the inside of the anus or rectum to an external opening in the skin near the anus. The external opening near the anus is characterised as painful, red, inflamed, oozes pus and sometimes even blood. It is like a pimple that does not fully heal.

An anal fistula usually develops from a blocked and infected gland in the anus. It sometimes declares itself as an anal abscess which did not heal properly after treatment. Read More

Unfortunately, anal fistulas usually do not get better on their own, and surgery to treat the fistula is required in most cases. Your colorectal surgeon will take a detailed assessment of your condition, identify the specific type of fistula present, and recommend the most suitable treatment for best results. Read More

Early Intervention Can Make All The Difference


Common Symptoms of Anal Fistula

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The biggest clue suggesting an anal fistula is the recurring symptoms. Swelling, pain, bleeding and pus from the same area with or without periods of healing are strongly suggestive of an anal fistula. The diagnosis is usually confirmed by a physical examination. Your colorectal surgeon will look for the external opening of the fistula and signs of bleeding or oozing of pus. On some occasions, the fistula tract can be felt and this more or less confirms the diagnosis. Sometimes, more detailed imaging tests may be required. Read more

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